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Re-ware Project

The Re-Ware project is a sustainable model which supports a range of economic benefits that help address digital poverty in our society. Our refurbished technology will provide access to digital devices to lower-income individuals and families, people with disabilities, first nations people, justice programs, immigrants and those that may be displaced.

Co-Creative IT's refurbished devices will provide the community access to education, job opportunities, access to basic everyday needs, healthcare access and connection to others. 


Beyond our responsibility to preserve our environment by creating a reduction in Carbon emissions and pollution from e-waste, Co-Creative IT's refurbished computers and laptops will serve an integral role in closing digital divides within our state.


We aim to encourage the reuse and refurbishment initiatives of devices within our Re-Ware project by creating a circular economy model, and this not only safeguards the planet’s resources, but we believe that it will play a pivotal role in fighting digital poverty throughout Western Australia and allows communities to re-connect, benefiting those that may isolated, or disadvantaged in some way.


Along with Co-Creative IT's role in providing refurbished devices as part of our digital inclusion initiatives, we all play our part towards building a more sustainable and digitally inclusive future for all, and in doing this it will enrich the diverse communities throughout WA.

We collect all obsolete and operable devices for repair, recycling or repurposing, so reach out to our team to donate your used devices. 

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