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Network Security

Due to the proliferation of cybercrime during these Covid times, network security is highest priority job in the management of your IT infrastructure.


Cyber criminals are targeting all business types including small and medium-sized, right up to Enterprise and Large Corporations, Federal and State government agencies. 


Complete and failsafe IT security cannot be achieved completely, however the informed measures and steps you take to understand the threat types and improvements you put in place greatly reduces the risk of an attack. 


 Secure-care management of the network includes: 

  • The remote worker's phone, PC and printer and how they access the company network 

  • How the network is constructed and partitioned      

  • Employee contact with the internet and external emails 

  • Connections between the company's data centres and Cloud data centres

  • Backup and business continuity 


We have a thorough understanding of the current types of threats and attacks. We share this information with your staff, empowering them to build a stronger company-wide line of security defence. 


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