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At Co-Creative IT we care that you get the most appropriate and cost-effective hardware. 

We will provide you with hardware that will accommodate your current needs and your expansion. We stand by the hardware that we supply and will make sure that it has sufficient support and service capabilities. 


Our substantial experience with business-to-business Hardware solutions ensures this- whether it be on-premise IT infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud, Cloud or hyper-converged Infrastructure. We will continue to care about your needs - now, and into the future. 

We provide a varied range of Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile devices.

Co-Creative IT has a history delivering PC deployments for many customers large and small. We deliver to SMB, Enterprise, Education and Government. This includes a unique understanding of managing everything from pricing, asset tagging, image building, image deployment, onsite PC deployment and services, PC and Infrastructure hardware buy-back, PC and Infrastructure recycling and disposal.  

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