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IT Consulting

It’s important that we understand your business and its needs almost as intimately as you do. 


 What are your Internal processes and how we can best fulfil them? 

Our four core ingredients: 

 Hardware. Software. Careware. Re-ware

 Ask us about our difference and what it can mean to you. 


It may appear to some that our difference is small but incremental differences will  add up to make a huge difference, especially when they are integrated into a ‘whole’.   A solution that is whole. 

Wholly designed for you and your business solutions.  A package that really adds up to a whole lot more.


At Co- Creative IT we will assist you in finding the right device, desk set-up and all the accessories that you require.

  • We listen to you- the customer, to understand your business needs your future business goals 

  • We will review and document your current IT environment

  • Put forward a Solution Proposal and acceptance

  • We have long-term relationships with all leading vendors and provide an authentic perspective of the IT market

  •  We provide project delivery and an integration timeline

  • We provide project documentation and customer feedback

  • We’ve worked with organisations of all types and sizes to understand their requirements and can use this experience to help you make the right decisions

  • It is the combination of hardware, software and services where we create a careware solution for you, the customer.

  • Whether it be on-premise,  IT infrastructure with hybrid cloud or cloud to meet the customers experience needs - now, and in the future- we can find a creative solution for your business. 

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