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Creative Technology  Solutions

We define co-creation as the collaborative development of new value (concepts, solutions, products and services) together with experts, stakeholders and customers.

 Co-creation is a form of collaborative innovation: ideas are shared and improved together, rather than kept to oneself.

hardware . software . careware . re-ware 

Contribute towards digital inclusion for all and improve on closing the gap on digital poverty whilst creating a positive effect on our environment.

Re-ware Project

The Re-ware Project

Sustainable and ethical e-waste collection, playing a pivotal role in fighting digital poverty throughout Western Australia.

Our Services

Collaboratively we create the solution with you and the vendor. All ingredients are equally important in creating a strong and balanced solution through our creativity, integrity, innovation and vision. 

Our Services


We will provide you with hardware that will accommodate your current needs and your expansion. We stand by the hardware that we supply and will make sure that it has sufficient support and service capabilities. 


We care that you get the most appropriate and cost-effective software. 


Co-Creative IT will supply you with software that can be expanded, added to and something that can evolve as your business improves and grows.


This is the true essence of your future success. 


 Our CAREWARE is the unique ingredient that not only makes us different, but makes you and your business the difference too. 


We provide an e-waste collection service and drop off point for all obsolete and end-of-life devices.


The Re-ware Project plays a pivotal role in fighting digital poverty throughout Western Australia.

Help us in contributing to save our planet by saving landfill space, protecting and preserving our natural, raw materials and resources, and most importantly in creating a sustainable and environmentally aware community.

Network Security

Due to the proliferation of cybercrime, especially during these Covid times, network security is our highest priority job in the management of your IT infrastructure.

IT Consulting

It’s important that we understand your business and its needs almost as intimately as you do. 


 What are your internal processes and how we can best fulfil them? 

Online Store

Co-Creative IT provides customers with an online store full of all the IT products required for any modern business whether you are working from home, in the office or in-between.

Microsoft Office 365 Partner
Microsoft CSP
Surface Pro
Eset Partner
Lenovo DCG Partner
Veeam Partner
HP Partner
Cisco Partner
Fortinet Partner
Lenovo Partner
Dell Partner
Apple Reseller
TPG Partner
Bosch Partner
HP Enterprise Partner
HPE Business Partner

Louis Moncrieff

Ready to find out more?

At Co-Creative IT, we offer a variety of innovative IT solutions suitable for various industries and for companies of all sizes. We believe in long-term partnerships and our services are therefore designed around the specific needs of our clients. We work hard so our clients can sleep at night, knowing that their IT operations are taken care of in the most professional way.

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